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Our experts will contact you soon!


We provide ambulance or hearse vehicle service for the transportation of the deceased from one location to the other. Our vehicles accommodate freezer box and co-passengers. Our Professional Mortuary Vehicle driver will assist you with all activities related to the transportation of the dead body.

Procedure involved

  • Once the person passes away, kindly give us a call to our hotline instantly to arrange an ambulance.
  • We will reach any point in the city within 1-2 hours or lower depending on the traffic conditions.
  • We also provide service outside city limits. For Long distance journeys like one city to another city or one state to another state, we might have to perform embalming procedure and refrigerate the dead body.
  • All our vehicles are cleaned and sanitized after every pick-up and drop.


1. What would be the charges to hire an ambulance?

Usually, charges to transport a dead body will vary depending on the distance, the minimum cost starts from 2000rs and increases with distance.

2. What documents do we need to transport the dead body?

We will usually need a death certificate and an ID proof of the deceased.

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