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Cremation is the process of burning the dead body at very high temperatures and finally the ashes are retrieved (remains of the dead body) which is then used for various rituals. Every community of people have their own way of cremating the deceased person.

Procedure Involved

  • There are various ways in which the deceased can be cremated, one of the very popular method followed today is the electrical cremation which uses burners (furnace) to cremate the dead body.
  • The other popular method is performing cremation in an outdoor open air pyre where the body is burnt using pieces of wood, little camphor and dried cake pieces of cow-dung.
  • The entire cremation process can take up to one hour with the temperature between 500° C – 1000° C which varies based on the method of cremation.
  • For cremation, the relatives of the deceased have to book a time slot in the near-by crematorium and they have the reach the crematorium 15-30 mins prior to their slot.
  • Once the process gets completed the ashes are retrieved and given to close relatives which is then used for various rituals as per their own traditions.


1. Do I get the death certificate before or after cremation?

For Hospital based deaths the hospitals provide the Death Certificates before cremation and for all other cases (non-hospital) you can get the body cremated and then get the death certificate from the local government body.

2. What is the cost of doing a Full cremation?

Just doing cremation in the crematorium varies with each local body of the government as low as 200rs to 2000rs (Few of the Local Govt. Bodies also give free cremation services), other activities such as transportation, pujas & rituals etc. will be added to this cost.

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