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Embalming is the process of preserving the human body for a longer time after death by delaying decomposition. This process is done by injecting embalming fluids into the body of the deceased. 

Procedure Involved

We will provide a simplified Embalming service based on the condition of the human body. There are many types of embalming and type of embalming to be performed on the human body will be chosen by our embalming professional. Embalming will follow the below steps in order.

1. Pre-Embalming Set-up

  • Placing the deceased face-up with the head elevated
  • Vitals are checked
  • Full body massage and bath to relieve stress

2. Embalming Process

  • Embalming Sequence starts (Arterial, Cavity, Hypodermic etc.)
  • Moisturizer is used to set up the face of the deceased. (Performed Optionally)

3. Post Embalming

  • Finally the deceased is dressed up neatly for viewing or transporting
  • The deceased is now placed in a freezer box or coffin as per the conditions.



1. How long does the embalming process take?

A typical embalming process takes a minimum of 30 mins- 1 hour based on the requirements and condition of the human body.

2. What is the Cost to do a professional Embalming?

The cost usually depends on the type of embalming and the location of the deceased. Basically the process is charged between 3500 INR – 15,000 INR. Contact us using the contact form above to know your exact quote or call us if you require assistance immediately.

3. Does Embalming stops the decomposition process of the human body?

No, the embalming process does not stop the decomposition process it just slows down the rate of decomposition. Post embalming you will be able to preserve the human body from 4 days – 1 week (varies with various conditions like the environmental temperature, nature of death etc.).

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