Repatriation Services

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Our experts will contact you soon!


Repatriation is the process of bringing back the mortal remains of a person who had passed away from one place to another. It can be done both domestically and internationally. We will provide end-to–end repatriation service from any city in any part of the world.

Procedure Involved

We will provide a simplified repatriation service both domestically and internationally based on the location of the deceased person. It will follow the procedures mentioned below,

1. Obtaining Certificates

  • Death Certificates
  • NOC from Local Police
  • Disposal order certificate in case of post-mortem
  • Embalming/ Packaging Certificates

2. Proofs & Letters to be submitted

  • ID Proof of the deceased
  • Heir certificate (Conditional)
  • Consent letter from Kin (Conditional)

3. Flight ticket / Cargo Airway Bill

4. Delivery at the Airport 


1. In case there are no relatives nor friends available to accompany during the transport of the mortal remains, what should I do?

If it is an international Repatriation then you may have to authorize the Indian Embassy/ Consulate to make arrangements for transport of the mortal remains, incase if it is a domestic repatriation then our Representative will take care of the process.

2. What is the Cost to do the actual Repatriation?

The cost for the repatriation process will be largely customized based on the nature of death, arrival and departure location, drop off point etc. Kindly fill the above form in the page to get a detailed quote or call us for an instant quote.

3. Does the procedure vary for any accidental or unnatural death due to cardiac arrest, diseases etc.?

Yes, the procedure get delayed due to more formalities involved like the local govt. Authorities certificate in case any accident or suicide or Non-communicable decease certificate in case of death due to any disease.

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